Patterns For Purchase

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly - yoked pullover pattern
  • Bibi
    Bibi - short sleeved yoke pullover
  • Lisette
    Lisette 3/4 Sleeve Pullover
  • Marlo
    Marlo Cable Pullover
  • Jolie Laide Scarf
    Pattern for the Jolie Laide scarf.
  • Bejeweled Scarf
    Pattern for the lacy scarf I am wearing in my author photo on Yarnplay.
  • Rock Opera
    Long, fingerless gloves knit with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport.
  • Back In Black
    Back In Black ribbed tank top, knit with Ornaghi Filati Bamboo
  • Tulip
    Tulip tank top, knit with Katia, Jamaica.

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March 08, 2009


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good luck! and girl, your hands are just beautiful. Ok, I notice these things...

Barclay Dunn

I don't know what Kim Hargreaves has against picking up stitches to knit things like those ruffles or a placket or collar, but I agree with you that the subsequent sewing-on is a huge PITA. And I am not someone who detests finishing the way many complain about it; but what I dislike is the gratuitousness of having to sew something on when I could just as easily have picked up stitches to begin it and not have to do the sewing-on later.

However, your Rosa looks fantastic! Well done!


I couldn't agree with you more. Good post.

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